About Us


Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) is a dynamic career school committed to empowering students to excel in the healthcare field. We strive to provide an educational experience that maximizes value to our students in a professional, supportive and ethical environment.

UMA provides its students with a quality education and the tools to succeed. Successful students are UMA's foundation. We work to be innovative and extraordinary in ensuring our students are knowledgeable, confident and accomplished not only in school, but in their careers and beyond.

We are committed to our employees. We welcome and promote creativity and personal development in an environment of mutual respect. Staff shares in the responsibility for, and reward of, UMA's success.

We promote health and wellness in the communities we serve. UMA trains students to positively impact the medical community and provides assistance to health-related organizations, including non-profits.

Financial stability and regulatory compliance are central to UMA's mission. We strive to be an efficient, compliant and financially sound organization. Strength in these areas allows UMA to fulfill its mission and benefit all of its stakeholders: students, staff, owners and the community.

Fact Box:

Ultimate Medical Academy works closely with an advisory board from the medical community to ensure that our curriculum, equipment and instruction are current and relevant. Members of the advisory board also help develop new programs and open their doors to many of our students through externships – opportunities to work in real jobs while still in school.