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At UMA, we believe we are uniquely positioned to educate the entire spectrum of the health care team.  

Our educational offerings for allied health as well as medical professionals provide us important insight in to the roles and responsibilities of each team member.  By understanding the needs and perspectives of each member of the health care team, UMA can create primary and continuing educational opportunities that promote efficient and effective care that contributes to improved patient outcomes.

Our CME Division possesses significant expertise in providing direct as well as joint sponsorship of CME and CE activities, whether live or enduring.  Some of our key value added capabilities include: 

  • A proprietary CME Grants Development Pipeline which provides our partners access to more than 200 funding agencies and organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and other entities that provide educational grants. Learn More.
  • A successful track record working on hundreds of live events and securing grant funding from numerous sponsors, including medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Learn More
  • Expertise in developing activities that are innovative, case-based, interactive and patient-centric in nature. Learn More
  • An in-house instructional design team available to work with our partners to develop and deliver educational content for the adult learner.

Members of UMA's CME Division 
Complete Conference Management

Leveraging more than fifteen years of experience in the field, Complete Conference Management is the “go to” source for dynamic, live continuing medical education programs.  CCM provides high-quality CME activities in the United States and abroad. We employ a team of experienced, creative, results-oriented professionals dedicated to providing the most sophisticated level of physician education. Our goal is to work collaboratively with our course directors to develop and execute successful educational activities that reflect positively on our physician educators, have an immediate impact on physician practices and promote improved patient outcomes. From the needs assessment to post-activity evaluation, we are committed to thought leadership within the field of CME.   


Global Education Group

Since 2003, Global Education Group has tapped the power of partnership. Our strategic alliances with more than 20 academic centers, professional societies, and other such organizations ensure independence, performance and continuous improvement for learners. Our staff includes experts in accreditation and regulatory guidelines, adult learning and outcomes, medicine, meeting planning and project management. Global is a founding member of the North American Association of Medical Education and Communications Companies (NAAMECC). Our staff members have shared their knowledge in more than 20 informative presentations at national CME and CNE conferences, including the Alliance for CME Annual Conference, MedEd Forum and AMA Task Force on Industry/Provider Collaboration. 


Med Learning Group has the ability to design large-scale initiatives to change the healthcare practitioner’s treatment and management behaviors, which leads to a measurable difference in the optimization of care that the patient receives. In many of these initiatives we employ behavior surveys, patient cases, chart reviews, patient surveys and/or sub-population baseline evaluation studies in order to measure Moore’s levels 5 and 6 both subjectively and objectively.  We are able to design all of this impactful education with a great understanding of the guidelines to which we must adhere, including ACCME, PhRMA, AMA and OIG guidance. We have an ACCME Site Surveyor on staff that has conducted over 10 surveys in the past 2 years.