Choosing the Right Nursing School


If you aspire to a career as a Nurse, the first step is to choose the right nursing school. Your selection may depend on a variety of considerations and preferences, such as location, program availability and class schedules. However, there are general guidelines that can help students narrow down the options and identify the nursing school that best meets their needs.

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The Benefits of Choosing an Accredited Nursing School

Accreditation is an important consideration in choosing the right nursing school. An accredited nursing school can benefit students in a number of ways, both during the training period and when seeking a job opportunity after graduation. There are many nursing schools throughout Florida, including a number within Tampa Bay. You'll want to keep the following points in mind when evaluating accredited nursing schools in Tampa:

  • Accredited nursing schools have been thoroughly reviewed by an accrediting body to ensure they meet rigorous standards for their program offerings, faculty credentials and quality of education.
  • Earning and maintaining accreditation involves ongoing oversight and review, which means everyone affiliated with an institution must actively work toward meeting all requirements. So when you choose an accredited nursing school, you can be confident that the staff, faculty and administration are dedicated to providing students with a solid educational foundation and are committed to students’ success.
  • Graduating from an accredited nursing school demonstrates to employers that your education meets accepted standards, and assures them that you completed your education through a reputable, recognized institution.
  • The accreditation process is conducted by an independent agency that is dedicated to upholding standards of quality in education. Each school is reviewed according to the same set of guidelines, for fairness and integrity. As noted above, periodic reviews confirm that accredited nursing schools continue to uphold those standards and requirements.
  • Accreditation can make a difference when transferring credits in the future. For example, students may opt to pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) in order to launch their nursing career, and then use their employer’s education benefits to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the future. The ability to transfer credits to another nursing school may depend on accreditation. Keep in mind that accreditation will not guarantee transfer of credits; each student should review the school’s requirements.
  • Qualifying for federal financial aid may often require enrollment in a nursing school that has attained accreditation from an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

It’s clear that choosing an accredited nursing school has its advantages. When evaluating nursing schools, accreditation is an important factor to consider – so, be sure to thoroughly research accredited nursing schools in Tampa before making a decision.

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Advantages of Earning Your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

As you prepare to launch your professional nursing career, you'll find a variety of options for your nursing training. One option is to enroll in an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program, which provides access to the skills and knowledge needed to qualify for entry-level nursing positions. An ADN program can be completed in as few as two years, which offers faster entry into the healthcare field than a bachelor's program.

Additional advantages of earning an ADN include the ability to gain work experience that can potentially lead to career advancement, as well as the lower cost of a two-year program compared to a four-year degree.

When choosing a nursing program, keep your career goals in mind. An ADN program prepares students to care for patients in a variety of settings, become valued members of a medical team and sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, or NCLEX-RN, to qualify for a nursing license. Once you complete your nurse training, pass the NCLEX-RN, apply for state licensure and become a licensed RN, you will be ready to apply for entry-level positions. You’ll have the opportunity to pursue a variety of general and specialized roles such as staff nurse, diabetes nurse, geriatric nurse, pediatric nurse, public health nurse or operating room nurse.

Nursing Clinical Rotations

Another step in choosing the right nursing program is identifying schools that provides hands-on training. For example, Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) offers an Associate Degree in Nursing program that features clinical rotations in the Tampa Bay area. These nursing rotations give students an opportunity to work directly with healthcare professionals and patients. Practicing skills learned in an ADN program and acquiring real-world experience are advantages that may prove valuable when seeking entry-level nursing positions.

UMA’s clinical rotations are available in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Medical-surgical
  • Obstetrics/pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Community nursing

During these clinical rotations, students are exposed to a variety of nursing specialties and settings. This can help graduates determine what type of entry-level position best fits their skills and personality, which can lead to increased job satisfaction.

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How to Review and Decide on the Best Nursing School

When choosing between accredited nursing schools in Tampa, your final decision will reflect personal considerations as to which school will best meet your needs. Weigh the advantages revealed in your research, and contact the school directly if you have any questions about a particular program. You may also wish to seek out feedback from students and graduates of the nursing schools you’re considering.

Ultimate Medical Academy has a reputation for providing quality healthcare training, as evidenced by its accreditation from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and program approval from the Florida Board of Nursing. Many UMA students and graduates have shared their positive experience through testimonials, which can be found on the Ultimate Medical Academy Video Channel on YouTube. You can also visit the UMA website to explore student and graduate feedback on the UMA Video Success Stories and UMA Reviews pages. These resources provide the opportunity to learn about UMA’s healthcare programs, education quality and support, as experienced by real people from a variety of backgrounds.

When reviewing Florida nursing schools, you’ll find that UMA is a nationally accredited school with an ADN program that can be completed in as few as two years. Ultimate Medical Academy’s reputation for quality healthcare education dates back to its founding in 1994, so you can be confident that your UMA degree will serve you well as you prepare to embark on your nursing career.

UMA's ADN Degree Can Prepare You for a Nursing Job

Choosing the right nursing school doesn’t have to be difficult. UMA's ADN program can help you qualify to begin a satisfying career in just two years. When you consider UMA's reputation, comprehensive curriculum, clinical rotations and Career Services support, you'll understand why Ultimate Medical Academy is the nursing school of choice for a new generation of professional nurses.

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