How to Help Your Team Avoid Burnout at Work

When trying to retain their most talented workers, burnout is a significant factor for companies. Employees burn out for many reasons — including stress, anxiety, boredom or poor work/life balance. However, engaged and dynamic organizations have an easier time retaining their best employees. Below are some best practices for helping your team avoid burnout at work. Create… Read more »

Hiring for Experience Only? 4 Reasons Why You’re Missing Out

In the healthcare industry, it’s vital to find candidates who have the skills you need. However, employers sometimes make the mistake of equating skills with previous experience. If the candidate has done the job before, he or she must be qualified to do the job again, right? Well, sometimes. But if you hire based only… Read more »

The Worst Trend in Healthcare: Ransomware

Cyber security isn’t a new issue within the healthcare industry. More stories come out every day of files being extracted from healthcare facilities, leading to possible HIPAA violations and reams of patient information falling into untrustworthy hands. But a new, troubling trend is pushing to the forefront: Ransomware. According to this Quarterly Threat Report, 88%… Read more »

Is 3D Printing The Future of Healthcare?

You’ve probably seen the cool, space-age objects created by 3D-printing. Over the past few years we’ve seen dresses, shoes, art and more. But have you recognized the possible huge effect of 3D printing on healthcare? Some truly inspiring things have been happening in the world of medicine thanks to this new technology. From prosthetics to… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Working Parents Make The Best Employees

Being a working parent is a challenge. Moms and dads in the workforce often feel pulled in two different directions: work obligations and family life. Do you go to the school play, or stay late to run that front office report? It turns out that working parents make great employees for exactly that reason. When… Read more »

Interoperability and Why it Matters

As healthcare shifts almost totally to digitized information, “interoperability” has become a major buzz term. You’ve probably heard it—but what does it actually mean? In simple terms, interoperability means that your healthcare information technology system can exchange patient data across other information systems. This allows for patient information to be accessible by other providers and… Read more »

Four Steps to Better Work Communication

When you talk to your supervisor at work, do you think about the words you use? How much time on average do you spend editing your emails before you send them? Good work communication is important to your professional reputation. Your verbal and written communication skills give you a chance to make a positive impression—or a negative one…. Read more »

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