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  • I completed secondary education in a foreign country and am unable to obtain a copy of my high school diploma or transcript. What should I do?

    You may document your high school completion status by obtaining a copy of a “secondary school leaving certificate” (or other similar document) through the appropriate central government agency (e.g. a Ministry of Education) of the country where the secondary education was completed. NOTE: UMA must determine whether the foreign secondary school credentials are equivalent of a secondary education in the United States.
  • How do I find my tax information?

    All students are sent the 1098t form in the mail. UMA’s Student Finance Team is also available to answer any questions you might have. You can reach them by calling 888-212-5421 or emailing
  • How do I get in touch with UMA Cares?

    Students are encouraged to bring important issues to this department that may need to be addressed with special attention. We take all concerns seriously and will respond in a timely manner. Please contact us by calling 800-509-5474 or visiting
  • What is ConnectUMA?

    ConnectUMA is a private alumni networking platform for all UMA graduates. Benefits of the platform include a directory of alumni on the platform, a jobs board, mentorship opportunities, photo albums, relevant tips and much more. Your account can be activated as soon as you have graduated.
  • What is the UMA Alumni Association?

    The UMA Alumni Association is a network of more than 40,000+ UMA graduates. The association is dedicated to supporting every UMA graduate and offers a variety of no-cost services to keep alumni connected an advancing in their careers. Graduates can stay involved with UMA via webinars, class notes, alumni feature stories and alumni newsletters.
  • Does UMA leverage an autodialer or robocalls for telemarketing purposes?

    UMA respects the contact preferences of current, former and prospective students. We do not perform telemarketing using so-called “robocalls” or “autodialers”; when you receive a call from UMA about starting or resuming your education, it has been initiated by a UMA representative. To update your contact preferences with UMA, including requesting no telemarketing calls, use the UMA Cares hotline at 800-509-5474 or

  • Does Ultimate Medical Academy have an honor society?

    Yes. The Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society has granted UMA a charter, titled the Epsilon Gamma of Florida Chapter. ABK recognizes excellence in many different subjects including the sciences. This honor society is open to diploma and degree students online and on campus who meet eligibility requirements. If you want to know more about joining ABK, contact Learner Services at 888-216-0544 or
  • Can I order a cap and gown?

    Yes! All graduates who walk across the stage at Commencement are required to wear a cap and gown. Students who don’t attend Commencement can also purchase a cap and gown to represent their achievement. When the time comes, UMA will have an order form available to qualifying graduates.
  • I love UMA! How can I share my excitement?

    We love you, too! To share your enthusiasm for UMA, you can post a review of UMA on Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn and our website. To learn more, visit Thanks for your enthusiasm!
  • What is a scrubbie, and how do I post one?

    Certain UMA programs require UMA-provided scrubs, and a scrubbie is a selfie that UMA students take while wearing their scrubs. To take a scrubbie, simply photograph yourself in your scrubs and post it to social media with the hashtags #scrubbie and #ultimatemedicalacademy. Be sure to tag one of our social media accounts so we can see your photo, too!

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