Medical Billing and Coding Reviews

  • Karrie B

    Hello, my name is Karrie. I am from St. Clair County Alabama. I am a 42 yr old single mother of 2, wasted my earlier yrs doing the wrong things. So I am unemployed, homeless and scared to death. I came to UMA because I cant waste any more time. I love to help people and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I am taking the Medical Billing and... Read More ▸

  • Angelina C

    I chose to attend UMA because UMA offered help that I would have to apply for at other schools. I also enjoyed what I heard when I was being introduced to the program and the school. I am happy to mention that I made it on to the deans list already, I am very proud of myself.

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  • Morgan M

    Enrolling in UMA was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I'm currently an online student studying Medical Billing and Coding. I graduate September 22, 2019.  Everyone I have encountered at UMA has been absolutely amazing at keeping me on track and accountable. When life happens... Read More ▸

  • Fonta Lewis

    I love the school and staff at UMA