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We are monitoring COVID-19 (the disease caused by the new coronavirus) closely and will issue updates if needed on this page and on our information hotline at 877-308-6984.

Online Classes: Online classes are in session, advisors, faculty and team members are also available if needed.

Clearwater Campus: Campus programs are following a blended learning format that supports CDC guidelines, except for the Nursing Assistant diploma program, which remains fully on campus. Read a letter from the Campus Director with all pertinent details.

Read official disclosures regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).

Message to Students & Staff

UMA is committed to supporting our students and graduates through difficult situations. Knowing that many communities in the U.S. and around the world have been affected by COVID-19, UMA wants to provide you with information and resources that may be helpful during this time. We are tracking the latest news and following guidelines recommended by local, state, and federal health officials.

The safety and well-being of our UMA students, graduates, faculty, team members and their loved ones is always a top priority. We will continue to stay on top of this situation, and we will keep you apprised of any updates via this page.

Here is a collection of reputable sources that you can reference to get the facts.

Guidance Resource Center

The Guidance Resource Center is a no additional cost personal support system for students/graduates and members of his/her household. The Guidance Resource Center offers students 24/7 access to confidential assessment and referrals, financial information and resources, and work/life solutions.

Call 866-797-1622 or register online, using 'UMASAP' as the Organization Web ID. Call your Learner Services Advisor for assistance in making an account.

Internet Options

During this time internet access can be difficult. When accessing the course room, we typically require access to a computer but understand that there may be occasions while public places offering internet access are closed when students may need to access the course room via a mobile device. Because a computer with a hard or wireless internet connection is still the preferable way to access the course room, we have provided information regarding a few internet resources that may be of assistance.1

Depending on your area, there are different internet options available and some providers have options specifically for students. For instance, Comcast and Spectrum are providing internet access at no charge for a period of time for certain students or low-income families who are new customers. If you are unsure if you qualify or have multiple providers in your area, we recommend you call and ask if they have special rates or options for students! You can also try for help identifying local internet providers.

UMA is here to help. Call your Learner Services advisor for assistance at 888-216-1667.

Internet Providers Possibly Available in Your Area

Mobile Hotspots2

No internet access at home? Check with your cell phone provider about using your phone as a mobile hotspot. Several providers we reviewed were adding data to existing plans, but please call and check before utilizing your mobile hotspot option.

Don’t know how to use your hotspot? We recommend that you work with provider to access and check rates.

1This information is being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only. UMA does not endorse any of the products, services or opinions of any other corporation or organization, and makes no representations regarding the quality or availability of any of the listed options. The options listed here are based on UMA’s own internal research and may not be an inclusive list of all options available for each individual student.
2Additional data rates may apply, please check with your provider for more details.

Student Resources

Student Wellness

UMA Wellness Center
Wellness is incredibly important to your overall health, especially during these difficult times. UMA is committed to providing you and your household with access to wellness resources. You and your household can use these resources to work toward your health and well-being.

UMA Student Guidance Resources
866-797-1622 |
The UMA Student Guidance Center works with you to provide work-life solutions, assessments, and referrals as well as assistance with resources addressing your personal, financial, legal, or life concerns. Resources are available 24/7. Confidential counseling is at no additional cost to students, graduates, and/or members of their household and can be conducted in a web meeting. Enter UMASAP as the Organization Web ID to create an account.

Assisting Students Who May Be Victims of Violence
Domestic abuse and violent crimes can increase during times of stress and unemployment and/or while caring for a sick loved one. If you or someone you know needs help or advice about domestic abuse, contact UMA Alert at or visit for more information.

Overcoming Challenges

Internet Options
Call Learner Services at 888-216-1667 for help finding internet options in your area. Or try

UMA Cares
800-509-5474 |
If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. UMA Cares works with all UMA departments in helping resolve issues that may need to be addressed with special attention.

Learner Services
888-216-1667 |
It’s normal to have questions, especially during this uncertain time. That’s why our Learner Services advising team is 100% dedicated to helping you adjust as circumstances change. Your Leaner Services advisor is here to introduce the resources UMA offers to help you succeed. The team is also available to answer any questions about grades, the online courseroom, student expectations, and more. Your Learner Services advisor is ready to support you at each step along the way and help get you career ready.

Student Loan Options
888-212-5421 |
Student Finance advisors are here to simplify the financial aid process. They help determine whether you qualify for financial assistance and are available to answer questions as you proceed through the financial aid application. You have probably already spoken to our New Student Finance team, and will have continuing support throughout your program from this dedicated team.

Externship/Practicum Student
877-301-9690 |
Students with questions about their Externship or Practicum courses should contact the UMA Externship team for support.

Academic Resources

Academic Services
888-215-8215 |
Need help with your discussions, assignments or other academic assistance? Call or email Academic Services to reach an Academic Specialist or an Instructor for one-on-one help, seven days a week.

Final Grade Concerns
Contact Student Affairs at

Puma Den
The Puma Den, UMA’s Student Portal, is your single-access point for the online courseroom, financial aid, your documents, unofficial UMA transcript, schedule, and much more.

Info Center
You can find the Info Center by logging onto the Puma Den and clicking the “Info Center” menu option. Here you will find tools you may need to be successful— including laptop and technical support resources, on-demand webinars, tutorial videos, career preparation information and more.

Virtual Library
877-295-5078 |
UMA is committed to providing quality resources for your class assignments and course projects. As part of this commitment, we offer the UMA Virtual Library. This platform connects you to comprehensive, full-text coverage on topics related to your current coursework.

Military Services

Military Services
877-247-6852 |
UMA’s Department of Military and Veteran Affairs has staff trained in understanding the unique needs of current and former servicemembers and their families. Our team can assist you with navigating benefits programs such as tuition assistance, the GI Bill, civilian transition, and program holds for deployment.

Graduates and Alumni

Career Services
888-315-8211 |
UMA’s Career Services advisors support you every step of the way through the job search and once you embark upon a new career. Our dedicated team is passionate about understanding your needs and connecting you with employers that are actively hiring. Our advisors assist with resumes, job search strategies, application processes, interview preparation, reference building, and more.

Continuing Education
877-278-6100 |
Let’s start building a plan for even more success! As a UMA graduate, you already know how much we care about helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. So, are you ready to accomplish even more? Continuing your training could be the key that unlocks new and exciting career opportunities for you. Let’s talk about next steps.

We’re in this together, stay connected

UMA students and alumni are so inspiring!

The challenges, the determination, and the celebration—we can’t get enough of it. See for yourself what our students and alumni are saying to support each other in their journey toward a new healthcare career. You may also be able to connect directly with your New Student advisor and Learner Services advisor on Facebook.