6 Job Search Myths–and What to Do Instead

Whether you are looking for your first job or transitioning between jobs, the job search process can be daunting. While many people will try to offer you useful advice, sometimes these suggestions can lead you down a path that results in months of frustration with no return. Below are six tips that might sound good… Read more »

Top 10 Qualities of the Best Employees

Going into an interview, you should be prepared to demonstrate the top positive qualities. Employers will often list desired characteristics in their job postings, so be sure to focus on those. However, communicating that you are able to meet more than just the basic job requirements is necessary if you want to rise above the pack…. Read more »

5 Topics to Avoid at Work

Knowing and following proper workplace etiquette is important to achieving a sense of professionalism and ultimately keeping a company running smoothly. There are certain conversation topics that are simply not workplace appropriate, no matter how relaxed or casual your workplace is. Below are five topics to avoid discussing at work. 1. Don’t tell your coworkers… Read more »

When Should You Use Your Paid Time Off?

Ah, success. You’ve got a steady job that offers a regular paycheck, and along with it, the opportunity to earn paid time off. Life is pretty sweet. But when you have a set amount of time off at your disposal, just when do you take advantage of that vacation time? Plan your vacations well in… Read more »

3 Tips for Good Spending Habits

Regardless of whether you are making minimum wage, six figures or somewhere in between, having good spending habits could significantly and positively affect your financial future. Here are three tips to help you develop good spending habits — no matter where you are financially. 1. Budgeting is your best friend. To budget effectively, you have to know… Read more »

Health and Human Services Educational Resource Guide

What is Human Services?  If you’ve ever wanted to work at a nonprofit or get involved with volunteer work in your community, then you’ve already thought about the field of Human Services. According to the The National Organization of Human Services, this field is defined by people who work to create resources that meet the… Read more »

The Professionalism Guide Part 4: Behavior at Work

This is the fourth part in a multi-part series on Professionalism. If you haven’t already, read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here.  You’ve probably heard the horror stories about employees being fired or called into HR for behaving unprofessionally at work. The right attitude and behaviors can help you advance your career—but the wrong behaviors… Read more »

The Professionalism Guide Part 3: Social Media

This is the third part in a multi-part series on Professionalism. If you haven’t already, read Part 1 and Part 2 here.  It’s pretty likely that you have at least one social media account. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and anywhere else you can post updates, share images and tell your story. Social media… Read more »

The Professionalism Guide Part 2: Ethics

This is the second part in a multi-part series on Professionalism. If you haven’t already, read Part 1 here.  Ethics are concepts of right and wrong. Some decisions are easy to make ethically, while others require a conversation with your coworkers, your managers and support system. Ethics are an important part of professionalism, and here’s… Read more »

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