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December Wellness Tips to Prioritize Your Emotional Well-Being

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December Wellness Tips to Prioritize Your Emotional Well-Being

December ushers in the holiday season and end-of-year celebrations, plus all of the emotions that come along for the ride. It’s an exciting, festive time for sure, but it can also be a rollercoaster for your emotional well-being. Here are some coping strategies to help you smooth out any bumps in the road.

Holiday Stress

The holidays bring a lot of activity and excitement, but it’s not necessarily the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. In fact, for many it can be a stressful and emotionally taxing time. Between travelling, holiday celebrations, seeing people you may not see every day, and the pressure of getting everyone a gift, many people find themselves burnt out by the end of the year.

Try these quick tips to reduce any holiday stress:

  1. Do something you enjoy each day. Your health and wellness should be a priority.
  2. Laugh more! They say that laughter is the best medicine and it’s also a great way to reduce stress.
  3. Pick your battles. Some things just aren’t worth your time and effort, especially when you can use your energy in better ways.
  4. Fake it till you make it. Even if you’re feeling indifferent, just thinking about something that makes you smile, like a funny cat meme, may also inspire the people around you.

Explore more ways to manage holiday stress with help from the Guidance Resource Center.


Have you ever faced a problem or challenge that is completely out of your control? Sometimes when situations are uncontrollable, it’s easy to dwell upon them until that worry starts to affect you on a daily basis. Anxiety is one of the most common emotional issues in everyday life. It can cause a variety of feelings and/or behaviors including restlessness, irritation, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, and more.

For many people, this can worsen over time and may even become a habit when any new situation arises.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with occasional anxiety. Keep the following strategies in mind the next time you find yourself stressed out.

  • Accept that you cannot control everything. Some things are beyond our control and no amount of worrying can change that.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. A negative attitude or negative thoughts can be harmful to your emotional and physical health.
  • Learn what triggers your anxiety. Identifying your triggers can help you manage them in the future.
  • Be open and honest about how you feel. Often, we act negatively when faced with anxious situations because we are too ashamed to speak up. But anxiety happens to everyone so there’s no reason to feel bad about it.
  • Do your best! That’s all anyone can ask of you.

Asking for Help

It’s ok to ask for help! In fact, it’s a pretty smart move.

If you feel that your emotions are getting in the way of your everyday activities, it may be time to seek professional help. People often feel shame in doing that, but it’s no different than seeing a dermatologist for a skin issue or a dentist for your teeth. Your mental health is just as important as any other aspect of your physical health and well-being.

Take the time to identify which type of mental health professional is right for you. There are different counselors for a range of specific issues and seeing the wrong type can cost you time and money. Don’t be afraid to call and ask what their area of expertise is.

Visit for assistance with addressing personal, financial, legal, or life concerns.

  • You can access 24/7 resources and receive up to three counseling sessions per issue per year. These services are available for you and your household at no additional cost.
  • To create your account, click “Register” tab on the right side of the page and enter “UMASAP” in the “Organization Web ID” field. Next, click the “Register” bar to access account set up.
  • For services by phone, call 866-797-1622.

UMA Wellness Center

Stay tuned to the UMA Wellness Center for additional resources! Wellness is incredibly important to your studies and your overall health. UMA is committed to providing you and your household with access to wellness resources. You and your household can use these resources to work toward your health and wellbeing!

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