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Online School’s Water Drinking Challenge Raises $892 for Flint, Mich.

Tampa, FL, Thursday, April 7, 2016 – Ultimate Medical Academy’s Online Education Department held a water drinking contest during March 2016 that raised $892 to fund relief efforts for the water system crisis in Genesee County and the city of Flint, Mich. Among the many residents affected by the Flint crisis are 25 UMA online students.

Four Online Education teams of 18 took on the challenge to see which team could drink the most water during the month. For each 8 ounces of water consumed, a team member received a sticker that went on a tally board shaped like a water bottle. Every 8 ounces of water would equal 8 ounces of clean water funding for Flint.

The winning team amassed 433 water stickers. This was more than 216.50 gallons of water.

Overall, the four competing Education Department teams posted 1,427 stickers for a total of 713.50 gallons of water. This equated to a contribution of $892 to the American Red Cross to fund clean water resource sites in Flint.

“The contest was originally a way for us to get healthier by drinking more water and to celebrate National Nutrition Month,” said Tiphani Sanders, the water challenge initiator. “But when we saw how our competitive spirit led to so much water consumption, we decided to do it for a cause. Now we can also impact the health of Flint residents and students.”

“It reminded me how grateful I am to have clean water to drink,” said Serge St. Fleur, one of the top water drinkers in the challenge. “I drink a glass of water when I wake up and at least 48 ounces throughout the day…I can’t imagine what it would be like in Flint. I’m glad we can do our part to help the residents of Flint and our students and graduates in that city.”