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Fort Washington, Maryland Resident Renee Johnson Named Ultimate Medical Academy True Blue Alum

Renee Johnson True Blue Alum

TAMPA, Fla., March 5, 2019 — Renee Johnson, 37, a resident of Fort Washington, Maryland, today was named a True Blue Alum of Ultimate Medical Academy. This recognition is awarded each quarter by the nonprofit accredited healthcare school to graduates who are serving their communities, excelling in their careers, and accomplishing other noteworthy achievements.

UMA’s True Blue Alum for Winter 2019 enjoys setting academic goals for herself, and those goals inspire her to set an example for her family while working two jobs and raising three children as a single mom. She is a Registered Medical Assistant at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a trauma hospital in Washington, D.C., and holds the same position at Allergy Partners of Arlington, Virginia.

Johnson graduated from UMA in March 2017 with her associate’s degree in Healthcare Management (HCM). But that was just the beginning of her healthcare journey. She jumped back into school in August 2017 and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from another institution. The other institution accepted her UMA credits for transfer, which meant that she could complete her bachelor’s degree in 15 months.

“That was motivation,” Johnson said, which helped her to remain committed to finishing her coursework.

But she didn’t stop there. Just three days after getting her bachelor’s, she enrolled in the master’s degree program for Healthcare Administration at the same institution and is scheduled to graduate in August 2021.

Johnson also serves as a member of the UMA Alumni Association, which is a network of more than 50,000 UMA graduates. The association is dedicated to supporting every UMA graduate and offers services at no cost to alumni to keep them connected and help them advance their careers.

She said that through her education, she has realized that the possibilities are endless.

“I want to thank UMA for my jumpstart!” she said.

Johnson shares her passion for education and achievement with her children. She had set a goal to attain her associate’s degree before her eldest daughter graduated high school, and ended up earning her bachelor’s degree ahead of that date as well. Her daughter is scheduled to graduate in May.

She said that her kids are proud of her and they do not know how she finds the time to fit everything in, but they know school is important based off of her drive.

“I just keep my eye on the prize,” she said. “I’m going to do this as long as they are excelling in school. I want to be a positive, motivating force for all of my children.”

When Johnson finds some time away from her studies, she enjoys singing in the church choir, traveling, and helping others. She combined all of these passions during a mission trip to Linstead, Jamaica. She went for the first time last year to help volunteer at a church there.

Speaking of giving back, Johnson offered some advice for UMA graduates looking to continue their education.

“Stay focused and go at a comfortable pace,” she said. “And utilize your resources that are given to you.”