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Local Response to Report Released from Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers – Jobs in Health Care Will Show Largest Growth

TAMPA, Fla., August 3, 2009 — Locally, there’s hope to those who are looking for jobs, and its right here in our own backyard. According to a report released by President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, jobs in health care and those requiring post-secondary education are expected to have the biggest growth by 2016. This outlook comes as an apparent result of the president’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan, through which the administration is committed to creating millions of jobs. Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA), located in both Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, is helping students attain vocational and post-secondary education in the health care field. The school now augments its academic instruction with training in the skills students will need in their careers; educates students in a variety of career-preparation skills including recognition of proper attire, professionally crafting a resume and learning interviewing techniques.

“It’s quite humbling to recognize that our academy, , is continually growing and helping others grow too,” said Regional Vice President, Matthew Verratti. “We have an entire career preparedness program that is unlike any other. Not only do we provide the education, but we provide the skills needed to acquire and maintain a job.”

Students who attend the academy are offered career placement opportunities, externships and career preparedness.