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Ultimate Medical Academy Hosts the Pediatric Health and Safety Fair for Local Children and Families

TAMPA, Fla. July 1, 2013 — Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) hosted an all-day Pediatric Health and Safety Fair on June 12, 2013 at its Tampa, Fla. Campus. The Pediatric Health and Safety Fair gave local children and their families a unique opportunity to walk through UMA’s Tampa, Fla. Campus in small tour groups and participate in health and safety workshops throughout the day. The workshops took place throughout multiple classrooms on campus and were run by students and instructors from different UMA programs. Workshops included education on topics such as bike and pool safety, healthy eating, proper hand washing techniques, safety with medicine and vitamins, daily hydration, x-rays and bone structure, as well as dental hygiene and proper tooth brushing techniques among many other lessons and activities designed to both educate and entertain the participants in the fair.

After going through the safety fair, students and children reconvened in UMA’s meeting hall for a magic show and raffle. The magic show focused on safety and incorporated anti-bullying messages as well as healthy eating tips. Earlier in the year, UMA’s Tampa Campus participated in a jeans week fundraiser to raise proceeds for the event’s raffle items, including two bikes and helmets, two Razor scooters, and two skateboards to help promote an active lifestyle. Healthy brown bag lunches were provided after the magic show to all children.

Also, a vendor fair was ongoing throughout the day and featured information and helpful resources for children and families from organizations like Phoenix House, Early Head Start, Devereaux, Vision Works, YMCA and Safelink. The City of Tampa Emergency Department also  provided a free 911 call simulator so kids could practice making an emergency call and talk to an operator.

Overall, the Pediatric Health and Safety Fair was a great success, as evidenced by the fact that over 200 children participated, far exceeding the projected number of attendees. Jameka Ellison, the event coordinator for the Pediatric Health and Safety Fair stated, “We realized the opportunity to provide a fun and educational experience for our students and their families.” Jameka continued, “the event has several layers, because we not only give students and faculty the chance to educate local children and families on important topics, but we are also giving children the opportunity to see their parents in school. We wanted to find another way to reach out to the community, and this was an excellent opportunity to reach out to our students’ children as well.”