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Ultimate Medical Academy Loves Student Moms

May 13, 2017, Tampa, Fla. – This week and next, Ultimate Medical Academy is letting students, staff and faculty at the nonprofit educational institution know that UMA loves Moms by displaying that message on three digital billboards from May 11 to 16 near the school’s ground campus in Clearwater, Florida, and posting on May 13 and 14 a virtual Mother’s Day video card on Facebook and Instagram.

“UMA student moms inspire us every day with their ability to balance it all as they work towards their dreams and goals,” Ultimate Medical Academy posted on Facebook. “This Saturday and Sunday, we celebrate you! Be sure to post the photos of you with the special ladies in your life and of the ways you are celebrating #MothersDay using the hashtag #UMAmoms.”

Signed by the school’s Learner Services advisors, the card features the first names of many of the student mothers they support.

“In honor of Mother’s Day, UMA advisors came together to sign the names of some of Ultimate Medical Academy’s student moms,” the card post reads. “UMA Moms, you inspire us every day! If you’re a mom, we want to hear from you! How does being a mom influence your life and experience as a UMA student? Tag your mother, sister, daughter and all of the special ladies in your life below!”

Each of the almost 14,000 current online and ground campus students at Ultimate Medical Academy is assigned a Learner Services advisor to help them overcome academic and other obstacles. The team of 250 advisors provide moral support and help students navigate resources for computer and instructional support, external childcare and more to help students succeed in school and life.

“A typical Ultimate Medical Academy student is a single, high school-educated woman in her 30s with children who is looking to begin a career in healthcare and better support her family,” said Dan Soschin, Ultimate Medical Academy vice president of Marketing, Communications and Philanthropy. “We wanted to let our student moms know we love them and also tell our faculty and staff who are mothers how much we appreciate them on Mother’s Day and throughout the year.”

The mission of Ultimate Medical Academy is to empower and equip students to excel in healthcare careers. The school’s vision is to be a leader in providing successful career outcomes for students through ​a culture of innovation, commitment and service.​​