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Ultimate Medical Academy Reaches Out to the Tampa Community with Free Health Screenings for Women and Children

TAMPA, Fla.,November 16, 2009 – From November 9th through 15th 2009 at five different locations around Tampa, women and children lined up for free health screenings. Students and instructors from the Ultimate Medical Academy were there, reaching out to the community. And you might have been there too.

It was part of the Prime Time Sister Circles (PTSC) community healthcare program, created and staffed by the faculty and students of Ultimate Medical Academy. Earlier ths year, PTSC held another event at Blake High School. And our work has only begun. In the months and years ahead, we’ll be reaching out again to members of our community with free weight, height and blood pressure checks for women and children. We know that women between the ages of 40 and 70 are often too busy to have the kind of regular healthcare screenings that catch small problems before they become big. And we made the decision to help.

“Many times, we focus so much on day-to-day tasks and to-do lists, we often forget to take care of our own bodies,” says Terri Stanley, department chair of Ultimate Medical Academy. “It’s very important to take the time to have medical check-ups throughout the year, and our highly trained students and staff are here to provide those services at no cost to the members of our community. Our goal at Ultimate Medical Academy isn’t just to educate students on how to perform a job, but also to prepare them for life and some of the most valuable lessons they will learn come from interacting with the community.”