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Ultimate Medical Academy Selects New 2016 Student Ambassadors

Tampa, FL, October 13, 2016 – Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) is pleased to announce the addition of 72 new students to the school’s Student Ambassador program for the third quarter of 2016.

These new ambassadors join an elite group of approximately 200 UMA students. To become an ambassador, students must have a 4.0 GPA through at least 20 credit hours and submit two letters of recommendation, among other requirements.

The Ultimate Medical Academy student ambassadors are chosen based on their ability to exemplify the school’s core values and mission, while maintaining the highest level of academic scholarship and being active and involved in their community.

The Student Ambassador program complements other honor statuses a student can achieve at the school, including honors, high honors and Alpha Beta Kappa.

“Our ambassadors exemplify the spirit and mission of our institution,” said UMA President Derek Apanovitch. “This program provides these students many exciting opportunities that include interacting with institution leaders and providing feedback on their student experience. By becoming an ambassador, these students help make our school even better for all students.”

Ambassadors have the opportunity to share their experience at UMA in virtual and in-person events. In addition, they have access to special school spirit items as recognition of their achievement.

Ambassadors are selected every quarter, so UMA encourages students to learn more about the application process and to apply during open registration times.