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Ultimate Medical Academy Upgrades and Fields Regional Strategic Partnership Team

April 27, 2017, Tampa, Fla. – Ultimate Medical Academy recently upgraded, an employer partner site, and formed a regional strategic partnership team to connect more healthcare employers with job-ready candidates who are graduates of the nonprofit higher education institution.

With more than a dozen education programs and a national footprint of 14,000 students and 40,000 alumni, Ultimate Medical Academy can provide employers of all sizes with a steady stream of candidates for a wide range of occupations in the healthcare field.

“We take pride in supporting our students, our alumni and our employer partners alike,” Ultimate Medical Academy President Derek Apanovitch said. “We have invested in and our regional strategic partnership team to raise awareness and build relationships with more healthcare providers. Ultimately, our success as an educational institution is demonstrated by the positive impact of our alumni in the workplace.”

Already having worked with more than 1,000 employers across the country, Ultimate Medical Academy has longstanding partnerships with healthcare employers—from regional health insurers and health informatics organizations to large hospital systems; national pharmacy chains to small physicians’ offices. This includes Corporate Alliance partnerships with employers who hire more than 50 Ultimate Medical Academy graduates.

The school takes pride in delivering staffing solutions at no fee tailored to each organization to supply interview-ready candidates with a mix of industry knowledge, technical and people skills. This includes an understanding of HIPAA compliance and medical terminology.

Learn more about how Ultimate Medical Academy creates custom-tailored partnerships with employers across the country to efficiently and reliably supply them with well-trained, committed graduates at