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You’re not afraid to learn about things like “electronic records,” and “data security.” And you’re looking for a rewarding career in healthcare. Well, welcome to Ultimate Medical Academy, where you can learn to effectively manage electronic healthcare records.

A career growing in demand.1

As a UMA health information technician student online, you’ll learn how to create, maintain and process electronic health records, help ensure data privacy and security, implement medical procedure coding, comply with medical laws and more. As our nation’s medical records management systems become more digital, this career is growing in demand.1 Contact us to learn more about this career training.

Job outlook for health information technology.

People who earn a degree in health information technology can go on to entry-level positions as a clinical documentation specialist, document imaging technician, health information clerk, medical records analyst, patient access representative and more. Working environments include doctor’s offices, insurance companies, health technology companies and hospitals just to name a few. Jobs within the health information technology field are expected to increase by 22% from 2012 to 2022.3

Real-world experience through a practicum.

Students enrolled in our Health Information Technology program receive 45 hours of hands-on experience under the supervision of a professional at one of UMA’s affiliated sites.2 This includes learning a variety of day-to-day tasks that may be common for this career field. Some practicums have led to an employment opportunity for the participating student. All UMA practicums are unpaid.

CAHIIM accredited

cahiimThe Health Information Technology program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). CAHIIM accreditation signifies that a program has voluntarily undergone a rigorous review process and has been determined to meet or exceed the standards set by the American Health Information Management Association.
  • Degree – Health Information Technology Courses

    How long is the degree program?
    17 months (may vary according to individual student).

    Associate of Science in Health Information Technology

    Required Courses:
    Accounting for Managers 3 Credits
    Introduction to Healthcare Computer Information Systems 3 Credits
    Interpersonal Professional Communications 3 Credits
    Introduction to U.S. Healthcare Delivery 3 Credits
    Introduction to Health Information Management and Medical Law and Ethics 5.5 Credits
    International Classifications of Diseases (ICD) Coding 4 Credits
    Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Coding 3 Credits
    Health Information Systems and Data Quality and Management 6 Credits
    Healthcare Reimbursement and Management and Supervision 5 Credits
    Health Information Technology Practicum 4 Credits
    Medical Terminology 3 Credits
    Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 6 Credits
    Total 48.5 Credits
    General Education Courses:
    English Composition 3 Credits
    English Composition II** 3 Credits
    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 3 Credits
    College Math 3 Credits
    Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology 3 Credits
    Sociology 3 Credits
    Total 15 Credits/Arkansas Residents 18 Credits*
    Program Total 63.5 Credits
    Program Total for Arkansas Residents* 66.5 Credits

    *Arkansas Residents - The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board has requirements for coursework that are not contained in UMA programs for other states. Therefore, Arkansas residents must meet program requirements that are slightly different. These courses are required for residents of Arkansas.

    Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board certification does not constitute an endorsement of any institution or program. Such certification merely indicates that certain criteria have been met as required under the rules and regulations implementing institutional and program certification as defined in Arkansas Code § 6-61-301. **Required Course for Arkansas residents
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Health Information Technology

    Q: What is a health information technician?

    A: Health information technicians help to maintain and process electronic health records (EHRs) which have become a standard part of the entire healthcare industry. Helping to maintain EHR data privacy and security is often part of the health information technician job description. This career is focused on using computers to fulfill these responsibilities.

    Q: Want to know how to become a health information technician?

    A: You’ll need health information technology training to learn the skills for this career. In addition to online training, UMA students in this program also get real-world experience through a practicum4 (non-paid work experience with a business). When you complete your degree program with UMA, you’ll be ready to apply for health information technology jobs.

    Q: Is there a difference between health information technology schools online?

    A: Absolutely. While the basic training may be similar between schools that offer health information technology programs, UMA is pleased to offer an extensive list of student services, all included in our competitively priced tuition.5 UMA is a school that offers a health information technology training program which includes one-on-one tutoring, help with writing your resume, job interview coaching and job search assistance.

    Q: What type health information technology courses would I take?

    A: As a health information technology student at UMA, you’ll take courses on a wide range of topics. You’ll study healthcare computer information systems starting with the basics, you’ll study various tasks and responsibilities related to management and supervision, and medical terminology. To see a complete list of the courses you would take at UMA to become a health information technician, see the courses section on this page.

    Q: How much does a health information technician make?

    A: You can find the health information technician salary range by visiting the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. The salary for a health information technician depends on the answers to several questions including where you live and work, your experience, and other related factors. If you’d like to learn more about the typical salary range for an entry-level position as a health information technician, call us or fill out the form and click “request info.”

    Q: What’s it like to take health information technology courses online?

    A: Online courses with UMA are designed to be flexible, so you can train for your career on your own schedule. Complete your classwork in the morning, at lunch, or in the middle of the night. It’s up to you. And UMA is here to help you every step of the way with online tutoring, live learning labs, a mobile app, a student-friendly online library, 24/7 tech support and more. Visit the UMA Online page to learn more.

    Q: What’s the best school for your needs?

    A: Of course you’re looking for the best school—for you. So what are your needs? Ultimate Medical Academy wants to be the best school for you and we’re here to listen. Because the more we understand about your situation, the better we can help. Let’s talk about you. 888-213-4473.

    Q: What should I look for in top schools for health information technology training?

    A: Start by looking for an accredited school. If it’s not accredited, it’s probably not a top school. Top schools that offer health information technology programs should offer personal assistance every step of the way, such as one-on-one tutoring. Top schools that offer health information technology training should also provide career services such as job search assistance. To learn more about these types of important features, visit our Ultimate Student Services℠ page.

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This program can be completed in as little as 17 months.

May vary according to individual student.

90 %

90% of employers of UMA graduates who responded to a survey said they would hire other UMA graduates.

Source: Averaged results from the Ultimate Medical Academy Ground “Employer Survey” 2014 (199 responses) and Ultimate Medical Academy Online “Employer Survey” 2014 (1,195 responses).

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Gainful Employment

For additional information on this program’s student graduation, placement, charges, median loan debt and possible occupational outcomes, see: Degree – Health Information Technology Courses.

Gainful employment information can be found at and includes information on tuition, loan debt, completion, placement and occupations.

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1 2UMA has a relationship with companies across the country for health information technology practicums. Ask a UMA representative about practicum opportunities near you. Some travel may be required. The practicum for this program includes 135 hours of simulation and 45 hours of hands-on training on site. 3 4. In some states, students are not permitted to participate in a practicum. In those states, students participate in a simulation instead. 5According to research conducted by UMA comparing a variety of career schools with similar programs.

Let’s talk about it.

You probably have questions. We definitely have answers.

By clicking the Request Info button, you agree to be contacted by phone, text message, or email via automated systems by Ultimate Medical Academy at the phone numbers you provided above. You are not obligated to enroll.