Career Readiness

You’ve made it to the Career Readiness portion of your education! This step in your career training is all about preparing you for the job search after graduation—and your UMA advisors are here to help. Use these resources as you get career ready.

Your Career Readiness Checklist

  • Call your Learner Services advisor at 888-676-7805 to complete your Grad Chat.
  • Due Date: Sunday of week 2 in your Career Success Course (SS2000)
    Submit your resume within the first two weeks of your SS2000 Career Readiness Course and implement feedback from your instructor. Late work will not be accepted. This is the resume you’ll use to apply for jobs—so make it great!
  • Due Date: Sunday of week 3 in your Career Success Course (SS2000)
    Schedule and attend a practice interview with your UMA interview specialist in week 3 of your Career Success SS2000 course. This specialist will reserve an hour just for you and walk you through a real-time practice interview.
  • Complete your SS2000 Career Readiness Course Survey so we know how to help you start your job search.
  • Contact your UMA Interview Specialist to fine-tune your resume, earn a 3 or a 5 on your practice interview, and receive your Graduate Kit complete with copies of your resume and other useful items.
  • Your Learner Services advisor introduces you to your new Career Services advisor. Meet your Career Services advisor to begin your job search in your field of study!

Career Readiness Resources

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