Angela Y.

Medical Administrative Assistant Program

December 4, 2017

I have been searching for 7 years just to find the perfect school for me and that is supportive. I finally came to a conclusion that I can no longer just stay put and not find my career in what I want to do. For so many years of searching I came across Ultimate Medical Academy. Yes, at first I thought to myself should I go to school or should I not go? I have been very hesitant about it, until I met my advisor Gelisa. She was the one who brought me on board with my education. She also supports me, no matter how much I am lacking. She won’t let me down, she will do in all her power to guide me. We became close to each other. I would say more like sisters, she’s like family to me. There are sometimes when I wanted to quit because it was hard, especially when I have a full time job, a part time and school. It was to the point where I just wanted to give up everything. But, Gelisa told me to hang on and not to give up, she said, “you still have a little more ways to go and I am cheering you on to reach your goal!” I have been suffering due to losing so many jobs. I didn’t have the education or the experience that they are looking for. I looked for so many jobs and they would hire me on through a temp agency, but once the contract is over I got laid off. For one year I lost 10 jobs. I am a mom with three handsome boys, and I have to be persistent with what I’m doing and to feed them. That is where I decided to take Gelisa’s word and went for it. It’s been a very long journey for me and Gelisa. I looked up to her when I was down and I had no one to talk to. Although it’s not school related, I will tell her how I am feeling and how down I am. There are some days where I am so happy and I would just call and let Gelisa know that I am happy that I passed all my classes. The encouragement that Gelisa gives me, I don’t know how to repay her back, but I am thankful that she is around to support me and guide me when I am lost and also when I have no strength to fight. She gave me the courage to keep on moving. Till this day, I am close to my graduation and I am happy and proud of myself that I finally finished with school and all my efforts and hard work into this program (Medical Administrative Assistant).  With all my respect to Gelisa, you are the best advisor anyone can ask for, I thank you for supporting me all the way. To anyone who is reading this I highly recommend this school, and if you want encouragement and support you know who to look for. They will support you all the way. Thank you, Angela Y.


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