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How to Recruit Enthusiastic Healthcare Candidates 

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How to Recruit Enthusiastic Healthcare Candidates 

It should come as no surprise that employees’ enthusiasm is directly connected to their job satisfaction. According to a study from the Harvard Business Review, workers who receive respect from their leaders reported 89% greater job enjoyment and employee satisfaction and were 1.1 times more likely to remain with their organizations. This statistic reinforces the importance of hiring healthcare candidates who are qualified and driven, and then providing them an environment where they feel appreciated and supported.

Attracting the most enthusiastic and committed candidates requires a strategy that showcases your organization and highlights what makes you different from other employers.

As you refine your hiring strategy, here are some tips for attracting the most enthusiastic healthcare candidates.

Highlight a culture of respect.

Make sure you focus on treating your healthcare candidates with respect throughout the application and interviewing process. Many driven candidates seek job opportunities where they feel part of an innovative and dynamic culture. Highlighting that your company values teamwork and diversity can attract candidates who are excited to be entering the workforce and seeking a job they can feel passionate about. You can describe your organization’s culture on your website’s job portal and through job descriptions posted on the Internet so prospective candidates will be intrigued by your job opportunities.

Connect with educational institutions and promote learning.

When you partner directly with regional and national educational institutions, you can find recent college graduates with positive attitudes who want to excel professionally. Often these types of candidates are seeking their first jobs and will be eager to prove themselves in their respective healthcare fields, which can give them a high level of excitement and energy.  Further, promoting a culture of learning can also attract ambitious candidates who strive to continue advancing themselves. You can create a culture of learning by creating company mentorship programs, onsite workshops, and other professional development opportunities.

Leverage social media.

One influential way to attract enthusiastic candidates is by engaging with them on social media. Your social media profiles give prospective healthcare candidates a sense of your organization’s values and showcase what you have to offer. In particular, social media is a valuable platform for recruiting millennial candidates who are great prospects for entry-level healthcare positions. Posting and engaging with candidates on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can get candidates more excited about being part of your team and company mission.

It’s important to consistently revisit your hiring strategy so you’re finding the best talent. By using the tips above, you can attract positive and enthusiastic candidates to your organization who will thrive within your work environment.

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