Three tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

When the New Year rolls around, many people pause and reflect and begin to make goals for the year ahead. But change can be hard, and sometimes people have trouble sticking to those newly set resolutions. There are two common reasons for this struggle: nonspecific planning and a lack of deadline. Here are three steps… Read more »

5 Ways to Find Inspiration and Escape Monotony

Inspiration is usually depicted as some sort of miracle, a blessing is disguise that you can’t stall because it might disappear just as soon as it arrives. But, inspiration — whether self-motivation or creative capability — is something you can develop over time. Your mood, the surroundings and even your history can affect how inspired you feel throughout the day. By… Read more »

3 Caffeine-Free Ways to Stay Alert and Energized

Those daily stops to the local coffee shop for your morning and/or afternoon pick-me-up aren’t very cost effective. Or perhaps you prefer to get your caffeine from soda or energy drinks, but the high sugar content and artificial ingredients may negatively impact your health. The good news is that there are inexpensive and healthy ways to… Read more »

5 Ways to Relieve Stress Without Breaking the Bank

The world seems to move faster and faster each day. All of us, even our kids, have many different activities and responsibilities. The more demands on our time and money, the harder it can be to budget those resources to care for ourselves. These 5 tips offer you ways to relieve stress without spending a… Read more »

5 Reasons Working Parents Make The Best Employees

Being a working parent is a challenge. Moms and dads in the workforce often feel pulled in two different directions: work obligations and family life. Do you go to the school play, or stay late to run that front office report? It turns out that working parents make great employees for exactly that reason. When… Read more »

Tips for Dealing With High Prescription Costs

Tired of struggling to pay for high prescription costs? Even if you have insurance, the copays and deductibles can cost a great deal. Here are some tips to try and keep the price down while still getting the medication you need. Drug Formularies Most patients don’t know that their insurance plan has a Drug Formulary. This is… Read more »

5 Useful Budgeting Apps for Students

Budgeting is a necessity for students, particularly those who take out loans or pay out-of-pocket for their education. If you’re trying to navigate your finances while funding your schooling, here are some apps that might help you stay on track. Mint Mint is a popular app from the creators of TurboTax® and Quicken®. It can… Read more »

Happiness Leads to Success

There has been a shift in the thinking regarding happiness. For decades, we were led to believe that success leads to happiness. Due to breakthroughs in positive psychology, we now know that the opposite is true. Happiness leads to success in school, at work and in our relationships with others. There is no one definition… Read more »

How to Stay Happy — Look for The Silver Lining [VIDEO]

Even the worst situations have a positive angle but you have to be willing to open your eyes and look for it.

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