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Georgia’s Chanta Nelson Delivered Remarks at Ultimate Medical Academy Fall Commencement

TAMPA, Fla., October 18, 2018— Chanta Nelson from Powder Springs, Georgia, recently traveled to Tampa, Florida, to deliver the online student graduate address at the Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) Fall Commencement ceremony.

Featured in this inspiring video recorded before and during the ceremony, Nelson shared the stage with UMA’s Commencement speaker, former Governor of Massachusetts Jane Swift, who also serves as UMA Executive Chair of the Board of Directors, and Reina Bell from Largo, Florida, who was the UMA Clearwater Campus student speaker.

“In high school I almost dropped out, and struggled when I was pregnant with my first child,” Nelson told the graduates and their families and friends. “I have since put a daughter through college — she earned a Master’s degree and now, I have successfully completed a degree of my own.

Nelson, 43, is a recent graduate of the UMA Online Associate of Science degree program in Health and Human Services and is now pursuing a career to help others.

On Saturday, Sept. 22, she spoke before an audience of more than 600 UMA graduates at the Yuengling Center at the University of South Florida, and a total of 3,700 UMA graduates from 30 states eligible to graduate between May 7 and Oct. 28, 2018, who participated via a livestream.

“I was inspired to attend Ultimate Medical Academy because I wanted a better future for me and my family,” Nelson added. “Although I had a decent job with benefits, I needed and wanted more. I wanted a career and I knew a degree would be necessary for more doors to open and for opportunities to come my way.”

Nelson noted that she had never attended school online and was nervous and that she overcame obstacles while pursuing her degree. “Everything that could happen, happened, while I was in my initial courses at UMA,” she said. “I moved, changed jobs, and had my car repossessed.

“I fell behind at UMA and had to repeat a class when I was only eight weeks away from graduation,” she said. “This setback made me want to quit and throw it all away. UMA staff went above and beyond to help me succeed, and gave me so many other resources like academic coaching and the online library.”

“It was a very special moment for me when I made the UMA Dean’s list,” she added. “And, I achieved the list not just once, but twice! That was huge for me.”

As a result of attending UMA, things are looking up for Nelson and she knows doors will open. “This is all because UMA empowered me to believe in myself and pursue my dreams,” Nelson said. “To all UMA graduates, I say, let’s go out and achieve for ourselves and to help others!”