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More than 18,000 Snacks Packed for Pinellas County Schools

Ultimate Medical Academy wraps up another successful school year of the Pack-A-Snack program in support of Pinellas County elementary schools. For the 2014-15 school year, UMA packed nearly 20,000 sacks containing fresh fruit and produce for local school children to take home each weekend. The four schools supported are: Campbell Park, Melrose Park, Woodlawn and Fairmont elementary.

Many Tampa Bay area children participate in the school lunch program but lack access to nutritional meals on the weekend. So UMA participates in the Pack-A-Snack program. The program provides nutritional snacks for children to take home on the weekends, including fresh produce. To learn more about this local philanthropic initiative, please call 727-442-6881 x322 and ask for Andrew Chouinard (

Participation in the Pack-A-Snack program is just one of the many ways that UMA staff gives back to the local community on a regular basis. Learn more about our academy’s community outreach here.