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Ultimate Medical Academy commits to Tampa and renews long term leases

UMA Tampa HQ

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 14, 2019 — After conducting an extensive regional site selection and negotiation process, Ultimate Medical Academy has committed to retain UMA headquarters and operational functions in Tampa, with new leases spanning more than 10 years.

Founded in 1994, UMA is an accredited nonprofit healthcare educational institution that provides online and in-person training for students seeking a career in the healthcare industry. With UMA headquarters and the school’s Online Campus and Online Operations at two locations in Tampa, these lease recommitments at 3101 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and 9309 N. Florida Ave. represent some of the larger real estate commitments in the region. UMA’s Clearwater Campus, 1255 Cleveland St., is operating under an existing lease.

“As an institution celebrating our 25th anniversary, a decade-plus commitment to keeping UMA’s home in Tampa Bay is a significant decision,” UMA President Derek Apanovitch said. “We are proud to remain a part of this dynamic and growing community with such great opportunities ahead for our employees and our students.”

Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Craig Richard said, “UMA is doing great things in our community and across the country for students and healthcare providers. We are pleased that the school which helps prepare students for careers in healthcare has committed to spending another decade in the Tampa Bay area.”

Prior to these location commitments, UMA polled employees and other stakeholders, taking into consideration a wide variety of factors, including current employee commute times, the depth of technical expertise in the region, and most importantly the capacity in the Tampa Bay area to support UMA’s operations as an education institution.

Since 2008, UMA has created more than 1,900 jobs in the area, the majority of which are student-facing. Hundreds of these employees work in Support Centers assisting students through their journey at UMA, helping them focus on their education, graduation, job interviews, and ultimately assisting graduates in their healthcare career job search.