Terence L. Byrd

Board Trustee

An accomplished senior healthcare executive with more than 35 years of experience, Terence Byrd has a distinguished track record as a results-driven leader in the health insurance industry.

Now a high-level consultant to national and regional healthcare companies, Byrd previously served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Aetna Better Health, Kentucky, one of the largest Medicaid and Medicare health plans in the state.

During his time as CEO, Byrd led the strategic, operational, and technological initiatives responsible for driving the company’s profitability and market expansion, also strengthening its alliances. He established a bold vision to build healthier communities, taking actions designed to improve the quality of patient care and address healthcare disparities in marginalized communities.

Previous to this role, Byrd held several other executive positions at Healthfirst, Mercy Health Plan (became Horizon NJ Health), Total Plan Administrators (TPA), a Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ Subsidiary, AmeriChoice/United Healthcare of NJ, and more. One of the first and most successful African American male executives in the industry, Byrd’s ability to ascend to the highest leadership position within several of the nation’s largest healthcare insurance companies, against all odds, is extraordinary and impressive.

Byrd has successfully engineered startups and turnarounds for several regional and nationally-managed care organizations. He is an experienced and influential administrator adept at business development, community outreach, brand marketing, new member acquisition, network management, risk mitigation, and strategic planning.

Byrd is widely recognized and respected for his in-depth knowledge of health insurance and managed care, providing years of executive-level experience as a forward-thinking leader. He set the standard for success, coaching a team of managers to reach their peak level of greatness. Several of his former direct reports and mentees are now successful authors, entrepreneurs, and corporate or community leaders.

With a middle-class upbringing rooted in strong family values, Byrd envisioned he would one day play a principal role in building healthy communities for all people. His experiences serve as the foundation for his dedication to closing the persistent disparities in the healthcare delivery system.

Byrd holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Lafayette College. He completed several semesters of the Master of Business Administration program at Monmouth University.

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