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First-Day-on-the-Job Checklist

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First-Day-on-the-Job Checklist

This is how it usually goes: You wait nervously to hear if you got the job. Then you get the job offer and you accept! Then the nerves start all over again as you wait for your first day. Here are a few tips to keep the butterflies to a minimum.

Think good thoughts.

You were hired because your employer has confidence that you CAN do the job. Keep reminding yourself that you CAN.

Get ready the night before.

Don’t leave ironing for the last minute. Check for holes, spots and make sure your hems haven’t come undone. Also, you might want to prepare lunch for yourself (and your kids) the night before so you can grab and go.

Set two alarm clocks.

Make sure you don’t oversleep. Use your phone alarm and a plugin alarm clock (that uses a backup battery in case the power goes out). Read “Tips for Being On Time to Work” to dive deeper into this idea.

Scout out your route.

Think through your commute, i.e., bus, car, train. Plan for bad traffic, bad weather and other delays such as finding the right office within an office building. It’s better to be very early than one minute late. In fact, getting there early will give you a moment to collect yourself and relax.

Victory lap.

Plan a fun activity for the end of your first day or first week. Reward yourself for landing the job.


Take one day at a time. It may take months to start feeling confident that you’re making valuable contributions at your new job. Small wins will happen every day so don’t be hard on yourself. Good luck!


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