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Wellness Tips: Exploring and Expanding Your Spirituality

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Wellness Tips: Exploring and Expanding Your Spirituality

Last year, we discussed how spirituality can impact your daily life. Now, let’s expand on that topic and with it our sense of purpose and meaning.

First, what would achieving a sense of spiritual wellness do for you and what is it exactly?

Having a spiritual approach to life can make a difference in your happiness, health, and your perception of success. While being spiritual can be a belief in a higher power, it can also be a clearly defined value system and sense of purpose.

You might find it difficult to carve out the time needed to define these aspects of your life, or you simply might not know where to start. The UMA Wellness Center is here to help.

Steps to Spiritual Wellness

Take a moment to go through the following exercises to help you recognize what you value and to gain an appreciation for your purpose.

1) List your top three to six values.

This might be family, dependability, relationships, financial security, exploration, success, etc. Next, ask yourself if these are traits you exhibit. If you value trust and respect from others, is this something you demonstrate?

2) Start to define your purpose.

Although our purpose in life can change over the years, that initial idea of what we wanted to do with our lives when we were seven or eight can inform a lot about who we wish we were today.

For example, did you want to be a firefighter when you were a kid? Well, as a student in a healthcare related program, you can certainly say that you knew early on that you wanted to do something to help people. So, think back to what you envisioned when you were young.

Also, remember that purpose does not necessarily tie to a career path or an amazing humanitarian goal like finding a cure for cancer. Purpose can be a quality such as “my purpose is to always be kind and giving.”

3) Explore the type of emotions you exhibit the most.

People with higher levels of spirituality can emote appreciation, compassion, admiration, love, and inspiration.

Do you gravitate toward these emotions or more negative ones? If so, start to think of ways you can try to adopt just one spiritually positive feeling at a time.

Try starting simply. You can feel good by expressing excitement for something you enjoyed like a beautiful song, a funny movie, or a delicious meal.

What Can You Do?

People who maintain a strong sense of their spirituality tend to live with optimism and positivity. They understand the path ahead of them and always strive to grow and be fulfilled.

1) Ask yourself: Are you leading a life you can be proud of?

It’s a big question, and one you might not be able to answer right now. For some perspective and inspiration, you can watch a video from Claire Wineland, a YouTube sensation who learned how to live a joyous life while being critically ill with Cystic Fibrosis.

2) Practice Self-Care.

Even the most upbeat people work at keeping themselves well and might need to seek ways to be resilient at times. This is especially the case when faced with adversity. Tips for resilience include being OK with change and not to be afraid to problem-solve, or to take action to resolve an issue.

3) Speak to Someone.

You may find it beneficial to have a conversation with a counselor to help you identify the ways in which you are, or can be, a confident person. Positivity can be grown. It may take you speaking with someone to identify your potential.

The UMA Student Guidance Center offers three, no-cost sessions per topic, to you or a member of your household. Call 866-797-1622 to connect. You can also login and access online resources at Simply click on the “Register” tab and enter UMASAP in the “Organization Web ID” field. Next, click the “Register” bar to access and set up your account.

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