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Wellness Tips: Find Satisfaction in Your Work

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Wellness Tips: Find Satisfaction in Your Work

We all want to enjoy our daily work, or our occupation. Whether you’re a student, a paid employee, a volunteer, stay-at-home parent, it’s important to feel enriched by what you do.

Interestingly, when we feel most unsatisfied with our work, it may not be about the tasks, but rather the people with whom we work with. Developing relationships with those people is just one path toward feeling satisfied with your work

Tips for Relationship Building

The following are a few things you can start implementing in your day-to-day that could potentially lead to stronger bonds with the people you work alongside.

  • Be Helpful – One way to gain trust from a co-worker is to ask if you can assist them with an activity they typically do not enjoy. Your act of caring can be the start of a bond built on reliable and reciprocal support.
  • Hang out with positive co-workers – There is nothing more draining than negativity. Seek out relationships with people who have a sense of resilience and excitement for what they do. Steer clear of the negative talkers and surround yourself with folks with a bright outlook.
  • Break barriers – Try not to only give attention to people you work with who have strong and commanding personalities. Giving equal attention to all co-workers will allow you to find a valuable partnership with someone who may be more reserved.
  • Understand other cultures – Be aware that sometimes a co-worker’s cultural background may have an influence on how they communicate or react to situations in the workplace. Embracing such differences can help you come to an understanding.

    Helpful Resources for Developing Relationships

Making Your Voice Heard

A common job satisfaction concern is that workers feel they are not being heard. This can be said by staff at all levels, from individual contributors to managers. Take a look at some steps you can take to improve your communication in the workplace.

  • Refine your emails – Since most communication in the workplace happens via email or other electronic forums, having clean communication can impact how seriously your boss or co-workers react to your questions, or needs.
    If an email is too difficult to understand because of sentence structure, poor grammar and spelling, then the recipient may have to spend extra time to contact you in person to make sure they understand your communication.
    Also, excessive use of emojis, memes and cute graphics is not recommended for a professional approach. Keep your written communication free of grammar and spelling errors, and steer clear of misleading graphics to make sure your point gets across.
  • Practice listening – To be heard in the workplace, you also need to be sure you are hearing what others are saying. If leaders or co-workers are always having to repeat what they told you, then they may not be inclined to take concern with something you speak out on. After someone tells you something, take a moment to digest what was said.
  • Communicate professionally without saying a thing – Body language has a big impact on your co-workers. Always frowning in meetings or not making eye contact in the hall may be your personal style. Just know that this can register as displeasure, aloofness or disinterest, even if you aren’t feeling that way. Consider the type of body language that would make you want to approach someone and exude this for yourself.

    Helpful Resources for Effective Communication

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