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Wellness Tips: Recognizing Your Abilities and Expanding Your Skills

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The term “intellectual” does not only apply to Ivy League graduates, or folks that win big on game shows. Being an intellectual can mean pursuing further forms and fields of knowledge — it means being hungry to learn more.

It is also something you have already shown yourself to be as a student at UMA, pursuing an education.

To gauge your eagerness or to enhance your knowledge, ask these questions:

  • Am I interested in national and international events?
  • Do I read a variety of publications (not only social media posts)?
  • Am I curious about how things work?
  • Do I think critically?
  • Do I present myself as a smart person?
  • Do I enjoy challenging games or creative activities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have a healthy relationship with mind growth. If you feel you need to do more of these things, here are five ways you can ramp up your intellectual wellness:

  • Get to know the world
    Grab a globe (or a Google map of the world). Close your eyes and point to a location on the globe or map. Then, research all you can about the city or country you landed on. You can do so by reading online articles or library books, or by watching YouTube documentaries. If the location happens to be close to where you live, take a drive to visit. Perhaps you can attend some of its cultural events or go to its historical museums. You can gain factual knowledge, as well as perspective. You can also eliminate assumptions. There are things you will find in common with where you live and other places in the world. You may also gain understanding and sympathy for any hardships experienced by other nations in comparison to your own. Just think about how much you might learn by doing this global activity once a month.
  • Make mind strength a game.
    Especially when you feel mentally dull, sharpen your brain by feeding it some problem-solving activities or creative challenges. Electronic crossword puzzles, sudoku, and brainteasers can all be found with a quick online search. There are so many apps that you can download to your phone for a mental boost when you need it. Imagine that you’re struggling with how to respond to a course discussion post. Instead of getting frustrated, take a puzzle break. Refreshers like this help to train your brain for peak operation.
  • Create art.
    Dancing, singing, or playing an instrument hone our concentration, focus, and memory skills. Each of these creative endeavors involves counting music and remember steps, lyrics, or notes. Per, there is a structural difference in the brains of musicians, versus non-musicians. The training necessary to create and play music seems to influence attention and cognition. Most of the visual and performing arts have positive effects. The visualization it takes to plan or execute a drawing stimulates problem-solving skills. The ability to memorize and ask your body to perform dance steps takes focus and recollection. Challenge your creativity by creating a TikTok dance; learning to play an instrument; writing a song, or free-drawing images that come to mind. You and your brain will be enriched.
  • Gain smarts by dressing the part.
    Have you ever dressed up in a nice suite or gown and felt like you could be a movie star? What you wear can influence how confident you feel about your strengths. Remember, each one of us is an intellectual. To convince yourself that you can play the part, wear things that make you feel professional and knowledgeable. This could mean styling your hair in a distinguished manner or donning a polo shirt, cardigan or classic-cut dress. Glasses, a headband, or a wristwatch could round out the look. This can inspire you to be that person pursuing smarts and can inform your schoolmates that you mean business.
  • Believe in learning.
    Never buy into the idea that nurturing your intelligence does not pay off. In the healthcare industry, you are better able to achieve and make decisions when you are informed about new developments, best practices or cutting-edge technology in use. To be successful, you will need to be in the know. Make it a regular practice to follow publications tied to your discipline or to ask your employer about conferences you might attend for greater awareness.

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